Carestream HPX-DR2530PC Wireless Detector

Carestream’s HPX-DR is a high energy (3MeV), high performance, compact and lightweight DDA detector. With rapid imaging and a potential for reduction of your overall shot time and help reduce overall consumable costs (for film or imaging plates). The HPX-DR features heavy-duty shielding designed specifically for high exposure NDT applications. It can operate in either a wireless or tethered configuration with rapid transfer of images, faster and easier than ever before.

The HPX-DR detector is unique in design—coming standard with a rugged, weatherproof enclosure perfect for remote field work. Unlike other panels that claim a weatherproof design when used inside their protective carrying case, this detector has an IP57 enclosure rating without the protective case. With the HPX-DR you can stop wrapping your DDA panel in bags and keep working in rain, snow, mud or whatever mother nature throws at you.

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DDA panels are highly sensitive. Combine this with the ability to do frame averaging and you will likely be able to reduce your exposure time and still capture the sensitivity needed for your critical inspection task.

Uses no disposable media in the process, eliminating cassette loading and unloading time, developing, processing and reloading for the next shot. The HPX-DR detector offers quick start up and calibration, and rapid image display after acquisition. Produce high quality digital images in seconds for immediate analysis.

The HPX-DR detector is lightweight and compact with an all-weather design that is simple to operate. In the lab, it can be operated on a powered tether and in the field it can run 100% on battery. With the ‘hot swap’ feature the panel can remain on when changing batteries, increasing uptime.

The HPX-DR detector can operate completely wireless giving the user full freedom of movement and minimizing set-up time on site. This is especially helpful for rope access teams looking for minimal weight, high sensitivity and a powerful wireless connection.

The HPX-DR 2530 GC images have a 145 μm resolution that can reveal small details. All powered by INDUSTREX image analysis software with the most advanced NDT post-capture tools for image measurements, enhancements and analysis.