Ardrox P6R Water-washable and Solvent-removable Red Penetrant

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Ardrox® P6R is a visible light inspection penetrant as per the AMS 2644 Type 2 and ISO 3452 Part 2, Type II, which can be removed by water or solvents. It is used in non-destructive testing for the detection of defects such as cracks, laps, cold shuts, porosity, bursts, casting and welding discontinuities.

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Ardrox P6R’s dark red color allows easy control and monitoring of the washing process. The product offers the highest sensitivity level according to ISO 3452-2.  It is a blend of surfactants with a low sulfur and halogen content. It is oil free and consequently offers an excellent biodegradability.  Ardrox® P6R is available as bulk material and as aerosol cans. It is typically used together with the Ardrox® range of cleaners and developers.

For more information see the Water-Washable and Solvent-Removable Red Penetrant – Technical Datasheet.

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