Ardrox 9PR50 Solvent

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Ardrox® 9PR50 is a Class 2, Method C, AMS 2644 approved cleaner/remover. It is a quick drying, non-halogenated (non-chlorinated) solvent for removing oil, grease and similar soils from metal surfaces. It provides a high level of cleaning efficiency with operational safety. It is completely corrosion safe for use on both ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. Ardrox 9PR50 is an excellent penetrant remover.

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Use as received. Cleaning may be by hand wipe, brush, spray or dip. Dwell time will vary slightly depending upon severity of soil being removed. Penetrant removal is done by wiping off excess penetrant with a dry cloth, then dampen a cloth of lint-free tissue with Ardrox 9PR50 and wipe off remaining penetrant.

Do not flood test surface with cleaner/remover because sensitivity will be impaired.

For more information, see:

Ardrox 9PR50 Solvent – Technical Information

Ardrox 9PR50 Solvent – Safety Data Sheet 20200827

Ardrox Penetrant Processing Guide

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16 fl oz aerosol, 16 fl oz aerosol – case of 12, 208 litre drum, 19 litre pail


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