Ardrox 970P25E Water-washable Fluorescent Penetrant

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Ardrox® 970P25E is a biodegradable water washable fluorescent penetrants with respective sensitivity levels 3 and 4. It consists of a mixture of biodegradable nonionic surfactants and fluorescent dyes without any mineral oil or hydrocarbon.

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Ardrox 970P25E gives crisp indications with exceptionally low levels of background and have excellent heat and UV fade characteristics.  It can be used for metals and ceramics which are not strongly porous, during production and maintenance works.  Ardrox 970P25E is usually used in conjunction with the Ardrox® 9D4A or 9D1B developer and the Ardrox surface technologies. It is also approved to the AMS 2644 as Method C, solvent removable penetrants.

For more information see the Ardrox 970P25E Water Washable Fluorescent Penetrant – Technical Datasheet.

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