Enriched Iridium 192: Features & Benefits


Relative to standard Iridium (Ir192), enriched Iridium (Ir192+) is more concentrated.  A simple analogy is to think of it as gasoline.  When you arrive at the pumps with your car you have the option of buying regular gas or premium gas.  The later is a higher grade with special features used for different applications than regular gas.  Generally, you will use premium for a high-performance vehicle.

It is similar for Ir192 versus Ir192+.  Ir192+ is often used for more specialized jobs where optimal quality is essential.  Specifically, the difference between the two is the focal spot.  Ir192+ has a smaller focal spot.  Performing radiography with a source that has a smaller focal spot has two key benefits.



A small focal spot can be achieved with a Ir192 source by ordering a lower curie activity.  For instance, a 50-curie standard source will have a smaller focal spot than a 100-curie standard source.  The drawback to this is that you will have longer exposure times with the lower curie source.  However, one can get both a small focal spot and a high specific activity from an Ir192+ source.



The second benefit is specific to image quality.  A smaller focal spot typically delivers an improved image.  For example, an IR192+ source will almost always deliver one more wire on an image quality indicator (IQI) compared to the same curie strength in a Ir192 source.  This difference is particularly beneficial when doing digital imaging–CR or DR–where an optimal picture is the primary goal.



The sources available from IR are manufactured exclusively by QSA Global.  QSA Global has been our preferred supplier since we first opened our doors in 2004.  They are the largest manufacturer of radiography gamma projectors and sources in the world.  They are known as a premium brand.  In addition, QSA supports their products with training courses that we offer at both our Edmonton and Burlington locations.  It’s a deep relationship that we value, and we know that we can count on them for the very best.