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When is the Best time for Lab Maintenance?

Here’s A Little Secret…

The summer holiday season is the perfect time for you to get your lab and trucks into us for annual maintenance, while you and your crew are on holidays. Getting your units ready for fall and winter work is essential, so why not get it done when you know it’s not in use?

As we all know darkrooms are high humidity and chemically corrosive so mag, alarm and other switches and controls are subject to fouling. Squeaky motors for fans, leaking hoses and hinges and door hardware need to be repaired and/or replaced to ensure reliable service through the busy winter season.

Door hardware is probably the most neglected items we see and this stuff is positioned where it gets the greatest abuse from road dirt, salt, and snow.

Constant pounding from driving on potholes and gravel-heavy roads  is damaging to doors and hinges. Don’t worry – our WIRC Shop can have them straightened up in no time. Under the hood, solenoids and breakers are subject to more heat and greater electrical needs these days due to less air space and more gadgets. In all honesty, they need to be replaced yearly to ensure reliable performance.

Heater hoses are another problem, especially in units that are in extreme off-road conditions. They need to be inspected for wear at rub points and for loose connections.

As they say, “a little maintenance goes a long way.” In the long run maintenance is a cheap way to ensure equipment reliability and that leads to happy customers, content workers, and less work for you and me (but don’t tell the bosses I told you that).

Thanks for listening! We look forward to seeing you down at the WIRC shop this summer.

— Brian