Magnaflux: Beat the Price Increase

Price Increase on Liquid Penetrant Products Coming February 1, 2019

We were recently notified of a price increase on not only liquid penetrant products, but all other Magnaflux products as well. While we’re disappointed in this, we recognize that the cost of raw materials has increased. Magnaflux has diligently sought out alternative materials, but they will not compromise the quality of product that we are able to bring to you.

Take Advantage of Today’s Prices

The price increase will occur on February 1st of the new year. In the meantime, we encourage you to take advantage of today’s pricing for your needs over the coming months. Our Magnaflux products can be purchased for either pickup or delivery.

Magnaflux and You

IR Supplies and Services is proud to partner with Magnaflux as one of our key suppliers of the materials required for testing.  Their materials are used by engineers, technicians, mechanics and anyone else who is responsible for testing parts for the equipment and infrastructure that they support.  We bring our selection of Magnaflux products to clients all across Canada.  You can purchase them from our showrooms in Burlington and Edmonton, or directly off our website.

Contact Us

Contact us to arrange a purchase before February 1st.  Complete the form below and one of our business development experts will get back to you. Or you can call us directly at 1-905-335-1377.