Sentinel Sentry Cobalt-60 Projector Model 330 RENTAL

The SENTINELTM SENTRY model 330 is a mobile industrial radiography exposure device for use in the field.  The exposure device body consists of a titanium ‘S’ tube and cast depleted uranium (DU) shield contained within a welded stainless steel cylinder.


The SENTINELTM SENTRY model 330 has an automatic securing mechanism that secures the source assembly when retracted into the fully shielded position.  This device includes a handling rib assembly that helps to facilitate lifting and increases the ease of movement of the device.  A key safety feature is that the automatic securing mechanism and front port cover are protected by stainless steel tube extensions that are welded into the main body of each device.

The rear plate port weldment is designed to provide easy access to the locking mechanism and source assembly connector for connection of the SENTINELTM control assembly.  The front plate port weldment is designed to provide easy access to the outlet port for the connection of the guide tube with bayonet assembly.

Additional Information

Exposure Device Length 19 in (48.3 cm)
Exposure Device Width 19 in (48.3 cm)
Exposure Device Height 19 in (48.3 cm)
SENTRY 330 Exposure Device Weight 780 lbs (351 kg)
SENTRY 330 Source Capacity 330Ci (12 TBq), Cobalt-60
Shielding Material Depleted Uranium
SENTRY 330 Shielding Mass 485 lbs (218 kg)


Operating and Maintenance Manual: Sentinel Sentry Cobalt-60 Projector


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