OKOndt Group USR-01 Testing Kit

The OKOndt Group USR-01 testing kit is intended for ultrasonic inspection of aluminothermic welded rail joints in accordance with EN14730-1 requirements.

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The USR-01 Kit can be used for inspection of joints welded by the electrocontact method, for secondary rail track inspection based on the results of mechanized and quick systems of ultrasonic testing, as well as for pre-weld inspection of end sections of new and used rails before welding them at rail welding enterprises or in tracks.

The Sonocon B flaw detector, which is one of the USR-01 testing kit components, offers all the functions necessary to inspect welded rail joints and an easy-to-operate interface. It complies with all quality requirements and provides a wide range of standard and additional inspection functions. Grip-oriented and light, the device is easy to operate in the field.

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