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MET-U1A, MET-U1A50, MET-U1A100, MET-U1A110 Probes. Now available in 3 different loads and a stubby probe to cover all applications.

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MET-U1A, MET-U1A50, MET-U1A100, MET-U1A110 Probes

Now available in 3 different loads and a stubby probe to cover all applications!

How do I choose which model MET to buy?

PHASE II offers four models of the MET ultrasonic testers in this design; each has the same tester body but matched with different probes. The choice of model depends mainly on the surface finish of the part you will test. For example, in the table below the MET-U1A or MET-U1A110 would be a good choice as long as the surface finish is Ra 2.5 or less. The MET-U1A would be the choice for standard testing and the MET-U1A110 with a stubby probe would be selected if there was a tight spot you needed to get into, such as inside a pipe where the standard 15N probe would not fit.

MET Model Probe Test Load Max Surface Roughness Of Test Piece
MET-U1A 15N (1.5kgf) Ra 2.5
MET-U1A50 50N (5kgf) Ra 4.5
MET-U1A100 100N (10kgf) Ra 8.0
MET-U1A110 (stubby probe) 15N (1.5kgf) Ra 2.5

Remember, you must remove the coating down to the base material and provide an adequate finish for testing. The penetration depth of test averages 0.03mm and will not penetrate the coating into the base material.

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