Magnaflux UV-A Light Meter

USD $870.44

The Magnafllux UV-A light meter is a compact, rugged, easy to operate, digital radiometer for monitoring UV-A black light sources used in fluorescent penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspections for non-destructive testing.


Readings in microwatts per square centimeter (μW/cm2) are displayed on a four-digit back-lit LCD display. The detachable sensor is specially constructed to measure UV-A irradiance in the range of 320-400 nm with a 0.5 in / 13 mm aperture. The unit’s rugged, cost effective design features many of the operating advantages of more expensive UV light meters, but without the added cost or complexities of data storage and plotting features for those who do not require them.

Calibrated to +/-5% accuracy, the UV-A Meter meets NADCAP requirements and meets the requirements for all fluorescent NDT penetrant testing and magnetic particle inspections

  • Minimum: 1,000 μW/cm2 (ASTM) or 1,200 μW/ cm2 (NADCAP)
  • Maximum: 5,000 μW/cm2 (ISO) or 10,000 μW/cm2 (ASTM)


  • 320-400 nm range for ASTM E2297
  • +/-5% accuracy for NADCAP requirements
  • Low battery warning
  • Range selection options: x1, x10, x100 and x1,000
  • Data holding capabilities
  • UV-365 sensor (320–400 nm)
  • Back-lit 4-digital LCD display

For more information, see manufacturer’s product sheet: Product Sheet – Magnaflux UV-A Light Meter

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 3.5 in