Labino BB Helios UV LED Light DUO SALE

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Discontinued Product – Now on Sale

BigBeam Helios provides a much higher intensity, with up to 40% higher intensity on the midlight compared to the BigBeam Standard.


If your objective is to maximize intensity and you’re looking for an even beam, compact size, and lightweight LED – the BigBeam is right for you.

BigBeam Helios provides a much higher intensity: up to 60% higher intensity on the floodlight and 40% higher intensity on the midlight. All other specifications are the same as the regular BigBeam. BigBeam Helios comes with a carrying case with a cable winder.

The DUO is battery operated, but it is possible to run the unit via mains while charging the battery. Each DUO unit is equipped with a current regulator to keep the intensity steady when the battery fades. The DUO model weights 1.7 kgs (3.74 lbs). The mains model is equipped with a 2-meter long extendable cord. The mains model weights 1.2 kgs (2.64 lbs).

All BigBeam Helios units are equipped with a white light block filter which helps the lamp emitting almost no visible light. It is compliant with ASTM UV-A intensity and wavelength specifications for FPI and MPI.

    • LED: 9 LED, 365 nm
    • Available in Mains Power and Battery Powered
    • White Light block filter
    • Life time expectancy: 30 000 hrs (LED)
    • Battery running time: 2.5 hrs +/- 5 %
    • Weight: 1.7 kg (3.74 pounds)
    • Manufactured in Sweden

Additional information

Weight 3.8 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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