Digital Imaging Storage

Digital Imaging Storage Solutions with NDT Vault

Radiography is going digital, and for good reasons. Digitizing physical film, or creating digital images using Computed Radiography (CR) or Digital Radiography (DR) improves efficiency, security and lowers costs. IR has partnered with leading digital image storage company NDT Vault and offers a range of digital imaging solutions.

The Benefits of Digitizing Physical Film:

  • No physical storage space required
  • Eliminates image perservation costs
  • Enhanced ability for inspection and evaluation
  • Rapid visibility of reports, saving time, money and personnel
  • Secured data sharing
  • Digital archieve forever available for recovery
  • Images never lose quality
  • Data integrity with permanent accuracy for auditing

Digital Imaging Services

Digitizing NDT Film Using DICONDE

Diconde digital image storage

As nondestructive testing moves from physical film to digital film, DICONDE (Digital Imaging Communications in Nondestructive Evaluation) is emmerging as the standard for digital NDT images. DICONDE acts as a dictionary that describes all the neccessary synatx, attributes, data elements and protocols that allow users to acquire, store, archive, transmit and receive image data in a way that is universally compatiable.

Finding images is easy, since they are saved and organized by metadata including technique information, location, date, and inspector, all which can be searched through a central database. Such information can then be included in any report generated,  since the metadata is stored with the image. DICONDE compliancy ensures that operators are not limited by proprietary formats. It eliminates the need for future data conversion.

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Cloud Based Storage

Most companies store DICONDE images on hard discs, CDs, or DVDs. We offer cloud based stoarge, which requires zero physical storage space and allows for easy, quick access to images 24/7. Our digital imaging cloud based storage is highly secure and only individual you authorize can access images.

One of the many benefits of our storage system is the decreasing cost: after 90 days, digital images are archieved and the cost goes down. You can still access the same quality image with the same metadata at anytime.

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New To Digital Radiography and Imaging? 

We offer up to two days of on-site training with the purchase of new digital radiography equipment. Learn more about our digital radiography offerings or shop digital radiography products.