Carestream Industrex Manual Fixer and Replenisher

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INDUSTREX Chemicals for Manual Processing

Carestream manual fixer and replenisher provides chemical stability that ensures consistent image quality over an extended period of time. Carestream’s new Odorless Manual Processing Chemical Kits take the guesswork out of manual processing with ease of use.

 INDUSTREX Manual Fixer

  • Manual Fixer (2x5L bottles of concentrate) to make 40L/10 gallons
  • Fixer is a single part concentrate dilutes 1+3 w/H2O
  • Replenishment rate 1200mL/m2 of film; working strength SG 1.095

Click here for MSDS 5320643

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Weight 31.2 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 12 × 7 in