Freedom Lab

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Freedom labs combine years of working with NDT together with the feedback we have received from our clients, resulting in the latest solution in labs.  We’ve taken proven technology and created the simplest lab yet.  Freedom labs are fully self-contained units that install with our drop-and-lock system.  That means a Freedom lab is fully interchangeable from truck to truck, taking only minutes to install.

Say goodbye to extra costs–there is only one price–and time away from the job.  Freedom labs come without the hassle of customization.  It’s the simplest solution on today’s market, with everything you truly need.

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Freedom labs are constructed using a true vacuum bonded, EXOBODY ™ composite. They contain no wood or organic components, which means no rot or mold. They are engineered to allow for full dynamic motion ensuring extreme durability while providing exceptional insulating properties.

The complete exterior shell and related extrusions, corner caps and doors are constructed using structural aluminum with proprietary dies and molds resulting in outstanding strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, while being lightweight and fully insulated. True R8 insulation and no thermal bridging preventing condensation issues.

All components, interior and exterior are cut with a state of the art CNC router for exacting precision.  Interior components are constructed of integral PVC resulting in zero maintenance and high chemical resistance. Pultruded fiber-reinforced flooring means strength, durability and chemical resistance.

Freedom labs fit all regular 8’ long box trucks, which allows the tailgate to close.  That means there are virtually no connections.  It also means factory backup camera and alarm system on you truck is intact.  The result: Freedom labs can be mounted on rented or leased vehicles without any modifications.  Need the truck for something else? Freedom labs can be used on trailers, skids, or a portable sites.  Or imagine you need to access a very remote location.  Freedom labs can be heli-dropped, because they are self-contained.  They are adaptive and can be powered by genset, inverter, shore power or a combination.


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